Board of Commissioners

President Commissioners  :  
Commissioners  : Ir. Hendra Mulyomo  ( view profile)    
Commissioners  : Lee Wei Cheng  (view profile)   
Independent Commissioners  : Ir. Kumhal Djamil, SE  (view profile)   
Independent Commissioners  : Insmerda Lebang   (view profile)  
Independent Commissioners  : Winarto  (view profile)     

Board of Director

President Director : Haryono Tjahjarijadi   (view profile)     
Vice President Director
: Jane Dewi Tahir   (view profile)     
Director : Hariati Tupang  (view profile)    
Director : Rudy Mulyono   (view profile)  
Director : Andreas Wiryanto  (view profile)  
Director :

Chang Fa Hsiang   (view profile)

Director : Hung Li Chen  (view profile)  
Director : Wang Tien Chen  (view profile)   

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary  : Jennifer Ann  (view profile)  

Company Executive Officers

Member of Audit Committee  : Benny K. Yudiatmaja  (view profile)    
Member of Audit Committee  : Usman Gumanti Saleh  (view profile)  
Member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee  : Alice Roshadi  (view profile)  
Member of the Risk Monitoring Committee  : Adriana Purwantiny  (view profile)  
Member of the Risk Monitoring Committee  : Winarto  (view profile)    
Head of Internal Audit Unit (SKAI)  : Indah Liliawaty Kurniawan  (view profile)  

*) Subject to approval and Fit and Proper Test from Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

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